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How to impress a little child in few seconds…


clamshells                                                                                                                                            Hello my friends,

today i want to tell you about a game – me and my 6 years old daughter’s new hobby. She is not here now ( summer vacation) and i’m a little bit sad so this can just remind me about our time together ( if you don’t mind.)

We live by the sea and one day we discovered that shells are more than just a gift of the nature. If you have imagination big enough you can draw a small miracle world with your kids.

The recipe is as follows:

– clamshells as many as you can wear in your hands or bag

– nail polish

– nailpolish remover

– tooth pins

– napkins

– marker

1. You take a napkin, open it wide and put few clamshells on it. Take as many colours of nail polish as you have ( if you are interested like us, soon you will have a lot of colors) and start painting one shell at a time. You can just put a base, or dots over it, drawings ( if you can draw well and if you have a shell big enough for this purpose), flowers, umbrellas etc. You can also put a big drop of nail polish over the clamshell and then to use a tooth pin to make something very nice ( smth like this )DSC02778

2.Inside the shells we write something – on ours we write names of books we want to read, message, letter, places we want to travel to. We also use the language of the flowers ( like in my previous post), for example wheat for success.

3. In the end of this game though you need a lot of nail polish remover ( in the begining mostly… then in time you get better and don’t make such a mess) to clear hands and surrounding area ( i’m sure there is a nail polish out of the napkin you used -dot 1. )

Finally when the clamshells dry, we mix all of them, choose one and that is our lucky shell. We should follow the signs wrote on it or just get the message. This is our for you today :))




Bali – The island of love


Bali                                                                                                              “Morning of The world”, “Island of love”, “Island of Peace” – or just …Bali

One dream, one love, one irresistable place.

To continue to enjoy Asia as i am doing  this week / i mentioned a little bit in my previous post about asian cinema /, i want to tell you a story.

Asia is my passion – i love so many things. It might sound funny, but i love people’s faces, their nice manner of greeting people / salaam /, the way the women look – so gentle, so delicate, neat, bijou, their accuracy / as far as my experience with this/.

My first real meeting with an asian people in my life was in 2003 when i went to student’s brigade in the USA – in North Carolina.

Our flight was a little bit late and finally we got to the place where worked that summer about 11-11.30pm. Quite late and quite dark to be frightened when we saw that the people who were going to live with us were indonesian. But the big problem was that for us – me and my other bulgarian lady- all 6 of them looked like 1 person. We couldn’t recognize them at first – like 6 copies of 1 person. / I guess it’s the same for them when they have to recognize slavic people like us – bulgarian, polish, russian etc./

2 weeks later we realized what a great mistake was to think that asian people were alike. We started to talk a lot w them / we were living in one plece, so it’s normal/, to understand them more, their culture, there manners – the way they cook and how they ate the food – rice every day, dinner eaten with fingers. And … on a leaf a little bit for GOD. every day. That is something i will always remember – the gratefulness to GOD.

Day by day we started to learn more and more about each other’s culture, countries. The guys were  always talking about Bali – about their beautiful island, not so much about Indonesia, but about Bali. It was like we were there in our thoughts. I said that one day i want to go to Bali, and if i find my friends there i will be so happy. To see those friendly eyes, and funny faces, like they stay forever young.

This was my Balinese story. Maybe not what was expected to be, but mine. It wasn’t about Balinese nature, population or religion, that was not my intention. I wanted to write about Bali from my point of view – based on my memories – the only information i need to decide to go and see the “Island of love”



A Big Thank YOU

A Big Thank YOU

i want to read them all, so interesting

Smile...Laugh...Travel...Love...Be yourself...Enjoy Life

083 A Big Thank YOUI have read three biography books of celebrities and I have found them really interesting. Well, my intention isn’t to spread gossips or criticize these people. I don’t wanna interfere in their private lives either. I simply want to show my great and deep admiration regarding their success stories, their talent and unique genius because they deserve all this. And why? Because they have walked through hard moments, obstacles and hardships in order to gain their fame especially due to their skills, hard work and passion for what they do. So, a Big Thank YOU to all of you, guys. You’ve contributed much to the development of the world of entertainment and music as well as fashion.

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The Meaning of Mom




“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”  – Washington Irving

For this year’s Mother’s Day,  I decided to forego the flowers and use my voice as a gift for my mom.  I wanted to write her a letter to tell her what she means to me.  How much she has impacted my life and how much I love her.

Where do I even begin?  The task is arduous and complex.  There is no simple place to start.  It’s been 40.5 long years since she has been my mom.  How could…

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What if…


… you want to make a surprise to your friends or just someone you admire with a beautiful bouquet of nice flowers? But suddenly this just make the other people sad? Do you know the language of the flowers and how to use the best combination to express your feelings?

Well i just learned.

It’s a really complicated for me so far, but i keep the list close to me for the best advice.

For example i love sunflowersunflowers but i understood that if i give a bunch of them it is not a good “message”. They mean hipocricy, duplicity and pretension. It doesn’t matter if  i am hipocritical or the person i give it to is double-faced. Both cases means that i made a wrong choice of flowers…

What about showing our love to a close person? Yes, we  know the meaning of the red rose, but  another way to intrugue  a smart and curious person who we love is to make him/her a great lovely bunch of small__503341192lemon( zest), small__7547883008mint ( warm feelings), small__1434342632pear (affection) and myrtle1myrtle ( love). Isn’t it nice? I love it actually. It makes the imagination works for the best.


Well i want to wish a good luck to the new business of a friend of mine soon. I will send him a bunch of wheat1wheat ( prosperity, success) and daffodilsdaffodils ( new beggining). Do you think he will like it? I hope so…

This is so interesting, whole knowledge for me, and blessed are those who can do it by heart. Who are talanted to hear and feel the meaning of the flowers.

If you like this you can guess what mochatulips exactly means.

Im here to talk about…

Welcome to the table with the white tulips over there to find your mocha temptation.


Let’s make it turkish…



Hey, does someone wants to join me for a coffee?

You can find me on that table over there, close to the window looking toward the Black sea.

Today my choice is for a turkish coffee.. Actually i often drink this style lately – coffee made in “cezve” /if we say it in original turkish language/

Of course there is a story behind this…I used to drink turkish coffee years ago, then i started drinking espresso and now my newest book brought me back to it again.

If you are interested to know more, take “When the cypress whispers” by Yvette Corporon, come virtually to Greece like i did. Let me make you a coffee in “briki” /the greek name for cezve/, and if you can read my fortune in it i’ll be happy. Then together we can just sit and listen-as Yvette says this is the best way to get advice when we most need it. Just stay calm and listen…

Are u with me? :)))

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