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Let’s make it turkish…



Hey, does someone wants to join me for a coffee?

You can find me on that table over there, close to the window looking toward the Black sea.

Today my choice is for a turkish coffee.. Actually i often drink this style lately – coffee made in “cezve” /if we say it in original turkish language/

Of course there is a story behind this…I used to drink turkish coffee years ago, then i started drinking espresso and now my newest book brought me back to it again.

If you are interested to know more, take “When the cypress whispers” by Yvette Corporon, come virtually to Greece like i did. Let me make you a coffee in “briki” /the greek name for cezve/, and if you can read my fortune in it i’ll be happy. Then together we can just sit and listen-as Yvette says this is the best way to get advice when we most need it. Just stay calm and listen…

Are u with me? :)))

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