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How to impress a little child in few seconds…


clamshells                                                                                                                                            Hello my friends,

today i want to tell you about a game – me and my 6 years old daughter’s new hobby. She is not here now ( summer vacation) and i’m a little bit sad so this can just remind me about our time together ( if you don’t mind.)

We live by the sea and one day we discovered that shells are more than just a gift of the nature. If you have imagination big enough you can draw a small miracle world with your kids.

The recipe is as follows:

– clamshells as many as you can wear in your hands or bag

– nail polish

– nailpolish remover

– tooth pins

– napkins

– marker

1. You take a napkin, open it wide and put few clamshells on it. Take as many colours of nail polish as you have ( if you are interested like us, soon you will have a lot of colors) and start painting one shell at a time. You can just put a base, or dots over it, drawings ( if you can draw well and if you have a shell big enough for this purpose), flowers, umbrellas etc. You can also put a big drop of nail polish over the clamshell and then to use a tooth pin to make something very nice ( smth like this )DSC02778

2.Inside the shells we write something – on ours we write names of books we want to read, message, letter, places we want to travel to. We also use the language of the flowers ( like in my previous post), for example wheat for success.

3. In the end of this game though you need a lot of nail polish remover ( in the begining mostly… then in time you get better and don’t make such a mess) to clear hands and surrounding area ( i’m sure there is a nail polish out of the napkin you used -dot 1. )

Finally when the clamshells dry, we mix all of them, choose one and that is our lucky shell. We should follow the signs wrote on it or just get the message. This is our for you today :))