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What if…


… you want to make a surprise to your friends or just someone you admire with a beautiful bouquet of nice flowers? But suddenly this just make the other people sad? Do you know the language of the flowers and how to use the best combination to express your feelings?

Well i just learned.

It’s a really complicated for me so far, but i keep the list close to me for the best advice.

For example i love sunflowersunflowers but i understood that if i give a bunch of them it is not a good “message”. They mean hipocricy, duplicity and pretension. It doesn’t matter if  i am hipocritical or the person i give it to is double-faced. Both cases means that i made a wrong choice of flowers…

What about showing our love to a close person? Yes, we  know the meaning of the red rose, but  another way to intrugue  a smart and curious person who we love is to make him/her a great lovely bunch of small__503341192lemon( zest), small__7547883008mint ( warm feelings), small__1434342632pear (affection) and myrtle1myrtle ( love). Isn’t it nice? I love it actually. It makes the imagination works for the best.


Well i want to wish a good luck to the new business of a friend of mine soon. I will send him a bunch of wheat1wheat ( prosperity, success) and daffodilsdaffodils ( new beggining). Do you think he will like it? I hope so…

This is so interesting, whole knowledge for me, and blessed are those who can do it by heart. Who are talanted to hear and feel the meaning of the flowers.

If you like this you can guess what mochatulips exactly means.

Im here to talk about…

Welcome to the table with the white tulips over there to find your mocha temptation.